Joanne’s Mystery Picks

36142785A SPOT OF FOLLY by Ruth Rendell

When Ruth Rendell (Barbara Vine) died in 2015, we lost another great mystery/crime writer.  She was a master of psychological mysteries which often left the reader remembering the stories long after they wished they could forget them!  Some of them have stayed with me, personally, for many years and give me shivers every time I think of them.  That cannot be said of this collection of “ten and a quarter new tales of murder and mayhem”, however.

Other than the brilliant story – “Never Sleep in a Bed Facing a Mirror” – told in three simple sentences, I found the remainder of the stories to be predictable and disappointing.  The plots were so familiar that it was easy to predict the outcome of each of the stories.  Other than the above mentioned story, the remainder of the stories quickly became forgettable.  If this is the last of the new material from Rendell, then it’s a shame that it ends on such a disappointing note.