Joanne’s Mystery Picks

full-disclosure-9781501172786_hrFULL DISCLOSURE by Beverley McLachlin

Beverley McLachlin knows the law.  After all, she is the former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada.  In her debut novel (whose last page shouts “sequel”) she tackles the major crime of murder.  Laura Trussardi, wife of the affluent Vincent Trussardi, is found murdered in their home in a tony neighborhood in Vancouver.  Vincent is quickly arrested for the crime and requests that Jilly Truitt, an up and coming force to be reckoned with in the criminal justice system, take on his defense.  Colleagues and even her former mentor, prosecutor Cy Kenge, try to dissuade her, insisting that it’s a lost cause and that Trussardi is guilty.

Jilly persists and encounters a conspiracy of secrets, misdirection, and uncooperative witnesses.  Why are people so intent on pointing the finger at Trussardi when the evidence is only circumstantial?  As Jilly digs deeper into Laura’s life and the secrets surrounding it, she uncovers something that will impact the case and change her own life forever.

Joanne’s Mystery Picks

51o0hzylgrl-_sx329_bo1204203200_I LET YOU GO by Clare Mackintosh

This debut novel by Clare Mackintosh shows how the lives of so many people can change in a split second. A five year old boy, Jacob, is standing on the curb with his mom and a split-second later he’s under the wheels of a car that quickly backs up and drives away. His death rips Jenna Gray’s world to pieces and there will never be any peace for her unless she escapes: unless she runs away.   And run she does – to a small little village in Wales where she can grieve in peace and begin to heal.

This story is told from the point of view of three of the main characters: Jenna, Ray (the detective investigating the hit and run case), and Ian, whose relationship to Jenna is gradually explained to us.

As the painstaking investigation reaches the first year anniversary date and the team is no closer in identifying the driver of the car, they are told to log the case as “unsolved” and turn their attention to more current cases.

And then comes the twist in the story, completely blind-siding me, and the novel takes an abrupt turn and heads off in a completely new direction.

It’s been awhile since I’ve read anything with such a clever plot-twist, and this proceeded to be a “can’t put down until it’s finished” read.

Well-plotted, believable characters, and a memorable setting.  What more could one ask for in a mystery?  Nothing.  This book has it all.