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FORTY WORDS FOR SORROW51sgygqguml-_sx322_bo1204203200_ by Giles Blunt

I’ve been meaning to read Giles Blunt for a long time.  The recent serialization of this book to television prompted me to do so and I’m certainly glad that I did.  The book made a giant impact with me even though I was well aware of the story, having watched it on TV.

Deep down, Cardinal has always known that the disappearance of four teenagers is criminal.  But without proof, he’s removed from the Homicide Department and assigned to investigating burglaries.  And then a body is found and he’s back doing what he does best.

“Evil” is defined as “profound immorality, wickedness, and depravity” and describes, perfectly, the perpetrators of the horrific murders that John Cardinal and Lise Delorme must investigate.  The bits and pieces that they gather seem insignificant by themselves until they’re placed side by side, like the pieces of a puzzle, and a picture starts to form.  As they work the case, they each have an additional agenda that they’re following.  Delorme is investigating Cardinal for corruption and Cardinal is trying to keep his family together.

This is a powerful novel and not meant for the faint of heart.