Weekend Picks

You’ll lose your head for these great new flicks!

Marlina the Murder in Four Acts

In the deserted hills of an Indonesian island, Marlina, a young widow, is attacked and robbed of all her livestock by a gang of seven bandits. She then defends herself, setting out on a journey to find justice, empowerment, retribution and redemption. But the road is long, especially when she begins to be haunted by the ghost of her victim. A stunning Scope western set to a Morricone-inspired score, this unique tale of female cinematic revenge takes no prisoners.


Invisible Essence: The Little Prince

The film introduces a modern day Little Prince, a seven-year-old blind Pakistani Canadian boy who absorbs The Little Prince for the first time, and captures engaging conversations with an incredible range of individuals.



Weekend Picks

A couple of “good” ones right here:

Good Manners

Clara is a lonely nurse from the outskirts of Sao Paulo who is hired by the mysterious and wealthy Ana to be the nanny of her soon-to-be-born child. Against all odds, the two women develop a strong bond, but a fateful night marked by a full moon changes their plans.

The Good Postman

Postman Ivan has a new political vision: he decides to run for mayor in order to bring his dying village to life by welcoming refugees. His opponents are only interested in closing their eyes to the refugees, shutting the border and reintroducing communism. While on the campaign trail, his delivery route, Ivan learns that good intentions are not enough, and that even the smallest deeds matter.

Weekend Picks

The Comeback Ed.

It’s been a while since any picks have appeared here and for no real good reason at that. Well, I can tell you it took the alchemy of bop to reshape my mental slumber and post something new.  Another catalyst was the purity of yesterday’s snowfall combined with the now early sunsets, both of which could only be complemented by something dim and dramatic on this planned night in. If you watch the trailer below, you’ll understand the perfection that this film added to complement the mood of last night. Jazz, bebop, black classical music, call it what you will, this film clearly reveals the sharp as a tack style and substance of this era in music history through the swirling story of one its smattering of artistic geniuses, Mr. Lee Morgan.

I can’t help but feel inspired which means I’m back to posting with some regularity…biweekly at best/worst.



I Called Him Morgan

On a snowy night in February 1972, celebrated jazz musician Lee Morgan was shot dead by his wife Helen during a gig at a New York City club. The murder sent shockwaves through the jazz community, and the memory of the event still haunts all who knew the Morgans. The feature documentary by Swedish filmmaker Kasper Collin is a love letter to two unique personalities and the music that brought them together.