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Brother by David Chariandy

Brother takes us inside the lives of Michael and Francis. They are the sons of Trinidadian immigrants, their father has disappeared and their mother works double, sometimes triple, shifts so her boys might fulfil the elusive promise of their adopted home.

Coming of age in The Park, a cluster of town houses and leaning concrete towers in the disparaged outskirts of a sprawling city, Michael and Francis battle against the careless prejudices and low expectations that confront them as young men of black and brown ancestry — teachers stream them into general classes; shopkeepers see them only as thieves; and strangers quicken their pace when the brothers are behind them. Always Michael and Francis escape into the cool air of the Rouge Valley, a scar of green wilderness that cuts through their neighbourhood, where they are free to imagine better lives for themselves. (From McClelland & Stewart)

Brother won the 2017 Rogers Writers’ Trust Fiction Prize, the 2018 Toronto Book Award and the 2018 Ethel Wilson Fiction Prize. It was also longlisted for the 2017 Scotiabank Giller Prize.

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Brother by David Chariandy review – a family on the edge of disaster (The Guardian, March 15, 2019)

David Chariandy’s Brother: Reviewed by Emily Donaldson (Canadian Notes & Queries, Winter 2018)

Video interview with David Chariandy on BT Breakfast Television (November 2017)

Author Bio (Writers’ Trust of Canada)

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