St. Albert Gazette Great Reading

Book picks as published in the January 2, 2019 St. Albert Gazette. For more great reads, check here.

Library bookThe Library book

By Susan Orlean

Full of wit, insight, compassion, and talent for deep research, The Library Book is Susan Orlean’s journey through the stacks that reveals how these beloved institutions provide much more than just books—and why they remain an essential part of the heart, mind, and soul of a country. It is also a master journalist’s reminder that, perhaps especially in the digital era, they are more necessary than ever.


Reader, come homeReader, come home : the reading brain in a digital world

By Maryanne Wolf

Wolf draws on neuroscience, literature, education, technology, and philosophy and blends historical, literary, and scientific facts with down-to-earth examples and warm anecdotes to illuminate complex ideas that culminate in a proposal for a biliterate reading brain. Provocative and intriguing, this is a roadmap that provides a cautionary but hopeful perspective on the impact of technology on our brains.

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