Joanne’s Mystery Picks

41589794FALL DOWN DEAD by Stephen Booth

Setting has always been an important aspect of Stephen Booth’s novels.  In his latest Cooper and Fry mystery, it takes centre-stage.  The Peak District in Derbyshire, England, is as majestic and beautiful as it is dangerous.  Even the most seasoned hikers have been known to perish on any one of its mountains.  DI Ben Cooper is called to the scene when a member of a hiking group is killed in a fall .

But something about the position of the body suggests to Cooper that this was no accident.

As Cooper looks into the lives of each of the members of the hiking party, he discovers that many of them had reason to wish this person dead.

Meanwhile DS Diane Fry has been removed from her duties in order to answer questions in an internal investigation. She soon realizes that she’s going to have to do something that she’s not very good at and that’s to ask for help.

Booth delivers a gripping and exciting story with an ending that will surely take everyone by surprise.

4 Daggers
Joanne gives this “4 daggers out of 5”

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