Joanne’s Mystery Picks

9781472234681INCORRUPTIBLE by Barbara Nadel

The body of a young woman is found in the backstreets of Istanbul.  She’s been brutally murdered and the description of her injuries is horrific, indeed.  Maryam de Mango was well known by many who claimed her to be a messenger from the Virgin Mary after she was miraculously cured of cancer.  But this claim incensed those of other religions, causing a rift amongst Christians of the city.

As Cetin Ikmen and his team investigate Maryam’s background, they find a family divided by hatred, fear and many secrets.  The brutality of her father, Silvio, is measured both by his words and his fists.  At times it is difficult to carry on reading, as he spews his venom with such abhorrent obscenities.  Many will find these passages offensive and at times I felt that they were “over the top”.  Even Ikmen shows his disgust at Silvio’s words and actions.

As the story draws to its conclusion, the landscape around our characters changes dramatically, leaving us wondering where Nadel will take us next.

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