St. Albert Gazette Great Reading

Book picks as published in the October 24, 2018 St. Albert Gazette. For more great reads, check here.

Year of lessThe Year of less : how I stopped shopping, gave away my belongings , and discovered life Is worth more than anything you can buy in a store

By Cait Flanders

In her late twenties, Cait Flanders found herself stuck in the consumerism cycle that grips so many of us: earn more, buy more, want more, rinse, repeat. When she realized that nothing she was doing or buying was making her happy she decided to set herself a challenge: she would not shop for an entire year. Meet the author at StarFest on October 24, 7 pm.



Beautiful scarsBeautiful scars : a memoir

By Tom Wilson

A story about family and identity, carefully guarded secrets and profound acts of forgiveness. Tom Wilson writes about growing up as an outsider in two families–the family he lost, and the family who took him in. His story takes us from working-class Hamilton to today as he continues his journey to connect with his father and with his Mohawk heritage. See the author at StarFest (Arden) on Oct. 28, 2 pm.

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