Joanne’s Mystery Picks

519iq0zzdul-_sx330_bo1204203200_THE WOMAN IN THE WINDOW by A. J. Finn

Think “Rear Window” (Alfred Hitchcock’s 1954 mystery thriller movie), and you’ve got the premise of this novel.  However, there’s more to this story than the one that Hitchcock told.

Anna Fox is a child psychologist who has become a recluse in her own home.  She’s plagued by agoraphobia and can only cope through drink and watching old movies.  That is until she sees something through her window that makes her question her own reality.  Of course she’s not believed – not by the police, not by her doctor, and not by anyone else.  In fact, she herself gradually begins to think that whatever she “saw” actually wasn’t real and in trying to dismiss it has no idea of how much danger she is in.  This is a gripping, intense novel, where reality and imagination are tipped on their respective heads.

5 Daggers
Joanne gives this “5 daggers out of 5”.

51mfa84sb9l-_sx327_bo1204203200_THE DRY by Jane Harper

Aaron Falk, a Federal Police investigator, returns to the farming community of Kiewarra in Australia, twenty years after he and his father left under a cloud of suspicion.  He has come back to attend the funeral of his childhood friend, Luke Hadler, who along with his wife and child have been found brutally slain.  The community believes that the drought that has ravaged the countryside is the culprit in these deaths – that it drove Luke to kill his family and then to kill himself.  Luke’s parents think differently and implore Aaron to investigate further.

Aaron knows that in doing so, the secrets that he’s lived with for twenty years will surface, and that they will re-awaken the animosity of the folk who were his neighbours back then.  As he probes into the lives of Luke, his family, and the townsfolk of Kiewarra, far more secrets are unearthed along with the terrible lies that have destroyed so many people.

An atmospheric, intense and moving story, The Dry is sure to stay with the reader for a long while.

5 Daggers
Joanne gives this “5 daggers out of 5”.

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