St. Albert Gazette Great Reading

Book picks as published in the August 8, 2018 St. Albert Gazette. For more great reads, check here.

Lands of lost bordersLands of lost borders : a journey on the Silk Road

By Kate Harris

The chronicle of Harris’s odyssey and an exploration of the importance of breaking the boundaries we set ourselves; an examination of the stories borders tell, and the restrictions they place on nature and humanity; and a meditation on the existential need to explore–the essential longing to discover what in the universe we are doing here.



Measure of my powersThe Measure of my powers : a memoir of food, misery, and Paris

By Jackie Kai Ellis

Armed with nothing but a love of food and the words of the great 20th century food writer M.F.K. Fisher, Ellis begins a journey – from France to Italy, then the Congo and back again – to find herself. Along the way, she goes to pastry school in Paris, watches gorillas grazing deep in the Congolese brush, has her heart broken and, ultimately, finds a path to life and joy.

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