Joanne’s Mystery Picks

a-different-kind-of-evil-9781501145094_hrA DIFFERENT KIND OF EVIL by Andrew Wilson

Wilson’s second attempt at using the “real” Agatha Christie as a sleuth in her own right is not as successful as his first (A Talent for Murder), in my opinion.  But then the premise of the first novel was unique and leant itself to a very interesting story.

In this novel, Agatha is “hired” to investigate a death in the Canary Islands, and here she encounters many odd and eccentric characters.  I had to constantly remind myself that this was fiction and to suspend my disbelief.  I kept getting caught up with the fact that surely these people, and especially Agatha Christie, just wouldn’t act the way that they were (not that I have any personal insights into Christie’s character, whatsoever).  I’d like to think that they would have put a stop to the horribly repugnant things that were happening to some of the residents of the island and not simply hope that someone else would intervene.

This certainly coloured my opinion of the story and although a few surprises were revealed, the story arc was quite predictable.

Wilson will have to do a lot better if I’m to read any further books in this series.

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