Joanne’s Mystery Picks

follyFOLLY by Stella Cameron

This series features Alex Duggins, pub owner, graphic artist and animal lover and is set in the beautiful Cotswolds in the town of Folly-on Weir.  Alex has returned to her home town after the failure of her marriage but she soon finds that this quiet village holds very dark secrets when stumbles across a corpse, buried in the snow.

With suspicion falling on her, Alex begins investigating to clear her name.  It soon becomes apparent that the killer is determined that Alex not make any progress in her investigations as she soon becomes a target.

The setting of this novel is beautifully atmospheric and Cameron pens a reasonable tale.  There are a few occasions where the reader must make major assumptions, even after re-reading the passages, in order for the sequence of events to make sense.  Intentional or poor editing?  Either way, it leaves questions in the mind of the reader.   However, I’m willing to try the second book in the series: Out Comes the Evil to see if it fares any better.

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