Joanne’s Mystery Picks

36374204THE KNOWLEDGE by Martha Grimes

Like all of Grimes’ books in the Richard Jury series, each title is the name of a pub somewhere in the general area of where the story takes place.  The Knowledge is no exception to this “rule”, but it also harbours another meaning. “The Knowledge” is the comprehensive list of street names and routes that all London cabbies must know in order to obtain their license.

Robbie Parsons is a cabbie who has just dropped his fare off at the exclusive Artemis Club when suddenly the couple are gunned down and the shooter jumps into his cab and demands that he begin driving.

Richard Jury reads about the crime the following day and recognizing one of the victims, calls in his friends Melrose Plant and Marshall Trueblood to help in tracking down the murderer, known to have escaped to Nairobi.  Along with Jury’s merry band of friends, a group of young people, not unlike Holmes’ Baker Street Irregulars, take up the challenge to find the killer.

Jury’s questioning of Robbie Parsons takes place in his cab as they drive through London, passing many of the pubs that were the scenes of previous cases, while Jury reminisces about them.  This had me wondering if Grimes is wrapping up the series or hedging her bets just in case she isn’t able to continue writing .  Hopefully, this isn’t the case because you don’t come across many books as humorous, clever, and cunning as this one was.

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