Joanne’s Mystery Picks

A TALENT FOR MURDER by Andrew Wilson

In Decem9781471148224ber of 1926 Agatha Christie went missing from her home in Styles, England.  For eleven days the police scoured the countryside for any clues as to what had befallen her.  Had she committed suicide?  It was well known that since the death of her mother some months previously, Christie had been depressed and had developed writer’s block.   Her depression was further intensified by the marital problems that she was having at the time.  Had she somehow been injured?  Or, most dreadful thought of all, had she been murdered and done away with?

While using the known facts of the case, Wilson has created a story that gives us another possibility for her disappearance.  As Agatha, herself relates the events, we learn that her disappearance was orchestrated by someone wanting her to commit a murder for him.  Who better to do this than the Queen of Crime?  And what was the hold that he had on her in order to coerce her to do this? Blackmail and threats of harm to her family!  So how could she not do what he was forcing her to?  Agatha must use the same ability that creates the clever plots in her mystery stories to make this personal story end well.

Christie never talked about her disappearance and makes no mention of it in her autobiography so we’ll never know what really happened.  To my way of thinking, Wilson’s story is as plausible as any of the other explanations that were bandied about during the winter of 1926.


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