Joanne’s Mystery Picks

41gmkewczal-_sx344_bo1204203200_THE TROUBLE WITH GOATS AND SHEEP by Joanna Cannon

“Mrs. Creasey disappeared on a Monday.”  And so begins this delightfully funny, colorful story of a group of neighbors on the avenue and the secrets and lies that both bind and separate them.  Grace and Tilly, two ten year olds, decide that if they can find God, then Mrs. Creasey will come home.  So they go door to door, “looking for God”, but what they find is a conspiracy of silence which is slowly unravelling with the disappearance of their neighbour.

Oblique references are made to events that happened nine years ago – the kidnapping of a child, and an arson and he residents of the avenue believe that Mrs. Creasey’s disappearance is linked to these events and that she’s about to reveal the truth.

Grace and Tilly, unlike each other as chalk and cheese, are spunky and thoughtful and will make you laugh as they go door-to-door on their mission.  Slowly and without realizing it, these amateur detectives are helping bring the lies and secrets of the avenue to the surface.

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