Joanne’s Mystery Picks

29758015THE HOUSE OF FOUR by Barbara Nadel

The old Mansion in Istanbul, known as the Devil’s House, would appear to be living up to its name.  Inspector Ikmen has been called to the scene because a body has been found.  When further examination of the premises finds three more bodies, all murdered in the same manner, Ikmen begins the lengthy investigation into the Hanim family and all of its secrets.  For it’s always the secrets that will eventually lead to the murderer.

Meanwhile, Mehmet Suleyman is investigating a series of apparent random killings throughout Istanbul.  The victims themselves appear to be random, but the perpetrators seem to be the same in each case.  As he investigates, his tumultuous personal life begins to get in the way of the job and he becomes distracted and a little careless.

Nadel’s descriptive style easily makes her readers feel that they are right there – walking the dusty streets of Istanbul, perusing the stalls in the Grand Bazaar – as the heat beats down relentlessly.  It’s armchair travelling at its best and includes a cracking good mystery to boot!

34953093A DANGEROUS CROSSING by Ausma Zehanat Khan

Khan brings the Syrian refugee crisis to the page with this powerful story featuring Inspector Esa Khattak and Sergeant Rachel Getty.  Khattak’s childhood friend Nathan Clare asks for his help in locating his sister, Audrey, who has disappeared in Greece.  She’s been working to fast-track Syrian refugees to Canada through an NGO, but has vanished, leaving behind two murdered people.

Esa and Rachel are shocked at the conditions in the refugee camps and fear that Audrey may have been in possession of information that has put her life in danger.  Their search for Nathan’s sister takes them from Greece all the way to the Netherlands, and throughout their journey the question always comes back to them: who can they really trust?

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