Joanne’s Mystery Picks

9780345539991THE GRAVE’S a FINE and PRIVATE PLACE by Alan Bradley

How sad that after waiting for so long for the next book in the delightful Flavia de Luce series that I should read it in one sitting!  It was impossible to put it down – and now I have to wait for however long again for the tenth, and final book in this wonderful series!

Flavia and her sisters are in the grip of profound grief after the events in the last book transpired.  Dogger, their loyal family servant, decides that a diversion is in order and organizes a boating trip for them.  As Flavia trails her hands through the water as their punt drifts along, her hand brushes against something.  She grabs onto it, thinking it’ll simply be a stinky old fish but when she raises her hand out of the water, she’s holding a head, attached to a body!  Oh, glorious day!  Just what she needs to get her mind off her sorrow – a mystery to solve.

Flavia pulls out all the stops in this investigation and we’re treated to a marvelous chemistry lesson as she gathers the evidence and analyzes the clues.  All the while, she’s putting herself in danger and this time, she just might not escape from it.

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