Joanne’s Mystery Picks

19169387RAGE AGAINST THE DYING by Becky Masterman

Brigid Quinn is an ex-FBI agent who is trying to start a new life for herself, hard as it might be.  Let’s face it, she’s really not the “baking muffins” and “sewing slipcovers” type of woman so adjusting to domesticity sometimes takes its toll on her.  And then there is the one case that always comes back to haunt her – the one that she never solved.  And now someone has come forward to confess to this crime – the disappearance and presumed murder of Brigid’s protégé, Jessica.

Floyd Lynch’s confession just doesn’t ring true for the new agent on the case – Laura Coleman.  Can he really be responsible for the murders of so many women along the famous “Route 66” and is Jessica’s body somewhere along that long highway? Brigid can’t help but insinuate herself into this investigation even though she’s no longer an agent and has no authorization to do so.

The descriptions of the murders in this novel take on a salacious tone and edge toward sensationalism.  Like Floyd Lynch’s confession, many of Brigid’s reactions to events just don’t ring true.  In real life, I just don’t see people acting the way they are portrayed in this novel.  Here they are no more than stereotypes and show very little resemblance to real people.

This is considered a thriller but I’d rather get my thrills by reading something more plausible and better written than this novel.  There are many of those to choose from.

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