Joanne’s Mystery Picks

A Shimmer of Hummingbirds9781459735309 by Steve Burrows

Damien’s manslaughter case weighs heavy on Chief Inspector Dominic Jejeune to the point where he decides to travel to Colombia to untangle the story that has his brother running, a fugitive from justice.  Under the guise of taking a birding tour, Jejeune joins the same group that Damien had been a part of when the incident in question took place.

Meanwhile back in Norfolk, an accountant has been murdered in her home.  Marvin Laraby, Jejeune’s former boss, is brought in to work the case and his   approach soon endears him to all and sundry.   Jejeune, who’s kept apprised of the goings on by both Lindy and Maik, isn’t easily fooled by Laraby.  There was never any love lost between these two during the time they worked together so Jejeune is more than wary of Laraby’s approach to working a case.

Danger stalks Dominic in Colombia and he soon learns that danger is stalking Lindy in Norfolk.  Jejeune feels that the truth to both cases is within his grasp and knows that many relationships could be sacrificed if he gets it wrong.

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