Joanne’s Mystery Picks

before20the20fall-453Before the Fall
y Noah Hawley

Scott Burroughs, a down-on-his-luck painter, is hoping his luck is about to change when he’s offered a seat on a private jet, flying from Martha’s Vineyard to New York.  Sixteen minutes after take-off, he’s floating in the ocean, with only the plane’s debris and a four-year old boy in his grasp.

Hawley devotes a chapter to each character as he systematically sets out the events in each of their lives that eventually lead to the crash of this plane.  It’s a riveting story.  Burroughs, as the hero of this tale, becomes fodder for the media, and it’s his reaction to their questions and the elements that they find to be the most important that had me cheering for him.

Both a great adventure and a riveting commentary on the media and false news, this is one book that’s hard to put down before you reach the last page.

30900530The Shivering Turn by Sally Spencer

Jennie Redhead, private investigator, takes on the case of a missing seventeen-year old girl.  Her mother, Mary Corbet, is certain that her daughter is dead, but the authorities will not take her seriously.  Jennie believes that this is a case of a runaway and agrees to spend a couple of days investigating, just to appease Mary.

However, the further she delves into this disappearance, the more disturbing it becomes.  It’s 1974 and one forgets what a misogynistic society we all lived in back then (though it’s by no means a complete thing of the past).  It’s only Jennie’s self-deprecating sense of humour that eases the way for the reader to take in the shocking details of this case.

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