Joanne’s Mystery Picks

dust-to-dust-by-margaret-duffyDUST TO DUST by Margaret Duffy

More like a spy thriller than a “typical mystery”, this latest tale involving Patrick Gillard and his wife Ingrid Langley, has them involved in solving the murder of Richard Daws, the 14th Earl of Hartwood.  Daws, a senior official at the National Crime Agency, is killed at his home, the highly secure Hartwood Castle.

Gillard, an adviser to the NCA, is soon on the trail of Nicholas Haldane who once tried to kill him.  When Marcia Lindersland, Daws’ replacement at the NCA goes missing under suspicious circumstances, Gillard must work out how her disappearance fits in with Daws’ murder.  MI5, MI6 and the Metropolitan Police are right behind Gillard’s every move as he gets closer to solving the murder.

Filled with the dry humour that the British are famous for, I found this fast-paced thriller to be just that.  Not having read the previous books in this series left me with a slight disadvantage as there was a fair bit of back-story to the characters.

Nevertheless, it made for an enjoyable read and some good laughs.

9781501130571HER NIGHTLY EMBRACE by Adi Tantimedh

Don’t be fooled by the title of this book – it’s not a romance novel.

Nor is it a true “mystery”, in my opinion.  What we have here are the first four cases that Ravi Chandra Singh, Private Investigator, has been handed by his bosses at Golden Sentinels, a London PI and security company.  Ravi gave up his studies as a religious scholar and his job as a high school teacher and since then has been visited by Hindu gods, in his times of stress.  Between being a PI, paying off his mother’s gambling debts, and paying for his sister’s upcoming wedding, Ravi is under a LOT of stress.  The gods are everywhere!

Working with an oddball group of colleagues, Ravi deals with a politician who believes he’s being haunted by his dead fiancé; sorts out who’s doing what to whom in a case of rival authors; searches for a Pakistani girl who has run away to escape an arranged marriage; and has to solve a murder involving a high-powered banker.

Be prepared for lots of profanity (a bit much, I thought), some humour, and an attitude of “anything goes”.  Not my cup of tea, but a perfect libation for other readers, I’m sure.  This is the first in a trilogy and is soon to be a TV series.

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