Joanne’s Mystery Picks

mistletoe-science-631__800x600_q85_cropTHE MISTLETOE MURDER AND OTHER STORIES by P.D. James

In “The Mistletoe Murder”, a crime novelist recounts the details of a murder that she was involved in fifty years previously.

In “A Very Commonplace Murder”, a filing clerk recounts his reasons for not coming forward as a witness to a murder.

Two of the stories in this collection feature Adam Dalgliesh.  In “The Twelve Clues of Christmas” he’s a newly promoted Sergeant, where even at this early point in his career, his perspicacity is evident as he gathers information from an unseemly group of family members while their Uncle lies dead in his bed, of an apparent suicide.

In “The Boxdale Inheritance”, Dalgliesh is asked by his godfather to reinvestigate a sixty-seven year old murder that involves a family member.

Each of the four short stories in this collection is an absolute gem.

They contain many of the elements of P.D. James’ work that we’ve come to admire: her wit, her cleverness, and her understanding of human nature.

Each story is a carefully-plotted sumptuous little mystery.

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