This Book Has Pictures! | Showman Killer: Heartless Hero


In the depths of space the greatest assassin has been created! Spawned from a horrible monster, Showman Killer was raised to be cruel and to love only gold. Now, as the universe’s greatest assassin, he travels space doing work for the highest bidder.

“European sci-fi comics always seems to push different buttons than their North American counterparts. Showman Killer creates a world filled with ugly, depraved and rotten characters. Fructus’ art is beautiful with traces of horror splashed throughout. The more of this world I see, the more I want to read.” -Drew

Alejandro Jodorowsky is a Chilean-French film and theatre director, screenwriter, playwright, actor, author, poet, producer, composer, musician, comics writer, and spiritual guru. Nicolas Fructus studied at the Émile Cohl school. He is the author of Thorinth series won the Special Jury Prize at the festival in 2011 at The Imaginales Festival.

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