Joanne’s Mystery Picks

9781564745750_p0_v1_s192x300MATRIMONY IN MINIATURE: A Mystery by Margaret Grace

Retired teacher Gerry Porter and Henry Baker are about to tie the knot.

What could possibly prevent Gerry from excitedly joining in the preparations for her special day?  Could it be her thirteen-room Victorian dollhouse that she eagerly wants to work on?  Could it be the miniature version of a recycled water treatment plant that her grand-daughter, Maddie, is creating for a school project?

Or could it be murder?

If you guessed “murder”, then you’re correct.  A body of a woman is found floating in the swimming pool at the very B&B where Gerry and Henry are getting married!  And if that isn’t enough in itself, she turns out to be the wife of one of the members of Gerry’s craft club.  What else can Gerry do but help find out whom killed Ron’s wife, Audrey, whilst trying to keep Maddie from wanting to join in the search for the murderer?

Her investigation takes her to Audrey’s workplace where, under the guise of visiting her neighbour, June Chinn, who works in the very same office, Gerry is able to ferret out little bits of information from Audrey’s co-workers.  She’s anxious to share what she’s found out with her nephew, Detective Skip Gowen, but he’s making himself scarce.  Gerry always looks forward to Skip’s late night visits where they sit and discuss the day’s events over hot chocolate and her famous ginger cookies.  But Gerry’s cookies go uneaten and Skip isn’t even returning her phone calls…

Grace’s ninth “miniature mystery” provides avid fans of this genre with a good “who-dunnit” along with lots of great tips for the dollhouse/miniature enthusiast.

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