This Book Has Pictures! | Buzzkill


Buzzkill tells the story of Ruben, a superhero. Strong, enhanced senses, nigh-invulnerable, he has only one weakness: the source of his powers. Ruben derives his power from alcohol and drugs; the more, the better. But after a drag-out, city-destroying battle, he begins to realize he has a problem. After the destruction his addiction has cause, to the world and to his own personal life, Ruben is ready to get clean.

“A surprisingly smart and honest look at fighting addiction. Cates and Reznicek writes honest characters with genuine emotions that elevates this book from your typical cape comic. Shaw’s art is one of the strongest parts of the book. His twisted version of the heroes and villains of this world bring it to life. His action scenes hit hard and read clearly.” -Drew

Danny Cates is a comic book writer, whose other works include The Paybacks, Star Trek Waypoint and the upcomin God Country. Mark Reznicek is the drummer for the band, The Toadies. Geoff Shaw is a comic artist who has worked on the Paybacks and the upcoming God Country.

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