Joanne’s Mystery Picks


The Dead of Jericho by Colin Dexter

The Old Silent by Martha Grimes

I’m currently reading (and re-reading in some instances) the Morse and Jury series by Colin Dexter and Martha Grimes, respectively, and enjoying the experience immensely.  Of course the approach that each of these authors takes to their subject is quite different from each other.  However, they both create believable characters and compelling stories.  The Dead of Jericho, Dexter’s fifth book in the Morse series and The Old Silent, Grimes’ tenth book in the Jury series are perfect examples of cracking good mysteries!

Morse is wracked with guilt, remorse, and regret when Anne Scott is found hanged in her kitchen, the apparent result of suicide.  He became infatuated with her after they had a brief encounter a few days before and when he stopped by to act on his feelings and found her door unlocked but with no one apparently home, he left.  Now he’s determined to prove that her death was NOT suicide and his investigation uncovers all sorts of unsavoury details about her neighbours.  This case is a real puzzler for Morse and for the reader, and we’re kept guessing right up until the end.

When Richard Jury witnesses the murder of Roger Healey by his wife, Nell, in the  dining room of the Old Silent, a Yorkshire inn, he’s determined to find out what compelled this woman to kill her husband.  With his old friend, Melrose Plant, and a cast of characters, he begins to delve into events of the past that might shed light on Nell’s motivation.  He’s helped by a young girl, Abby, and her sheepdog, Stranger.  Never was there a more interesting character than Abby.  She’ll steal your heart away as you try and work out this marvelous puzzle that Grimes has set before us.

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