Weekend Picks

Autumn Picks

Grab your overcoats and tweeds, leave all your worries on the doorstep and direct your feet to the crunch of crisp fall leaves! Autumn is here, and if it’s too beautiful for you out there, then stay in with a couple of fall flicks…

Hannah and Her Sisters

The eldest daughter of show-biz parents, Hannah is a devoted wife, loving mother, and successful actress. Loyal to her two aimless sisters, she’s also the emotional backbone of a family that seems to resent her stability as much as they depend on it. But when Hannah’s perfect world is sabotaged by sibling rivalry, she begins to see that she’s as lost as everyone else, and in order to find herself, she’ll have to choose between independence and the family she can’t live without.


Dead Poets Society

English professor John Keating, who, in an age of crew cuts, sport coats and cheerless conformity, inspires his students to live life to the fullest, exclaiming … “Carpe Diem, lads! Seize the day. Make your lives extraordinary!” The charismatic teacher’s emotionally charged challenge is met by his students with irrepressible enthusiasm–changing their lives forever.


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