Joanne’s Mystery Picks

51s0bkwuuol-_sx334_bo1204203200_The Calling by Inger Ash Wolfe

I can’t think of a more grisly series of murders in a novel as those that take place in The Calling, Wolfe’s first Hazel Micallef mystery.  For all the times I wanted to put it down, I just couldn’t – the story was far too compelling.

Inspector Hazel Micallef, acting chief of the Port Dundas police is in pain – both physically and emotionally.  Her back is giving her grief, her team of officers is unhappy, and her home situation is anything but agreeable.  When someone begins murdering the terminally ill in increasingly macabre ways, she pulls out all the stops to discover the motive and in turn, find the murderer.  When she finally pieces everything together, Micallef is stunned beyond belief at what has motivated this killer.  As a reader, I was too.

6095969The Taken by Inger Ash Wolfe

DC James Wingate is at the helm while DI Hazel Micallef is recovering from back surgery.  She’s still in pain, and her home situation is bizarre, but at least her team seems to be working well together.   Micallef is called back to work when a body is found in a nearby lake, the scenario mimicking a recent chapter in a fictional serial currently being published in a local newspaper.  It’s apparent that the perpetrator is playing with the police when the body is brought to the surface.

As further chapters in the serial are published, they foreshadow, exactly, what the police find as they continue their investigation.

Obsessive grief and love steer this novel into deep and murky waters and the solution to the mystery of the body and the events surrounding it caught me completely by surprise.

RedhillBWMichael Redhill, aka Inger Ash Wolfe joins the library on October 22 as part of STARFest St. Albert Readers Festival!

Tickets are $5, and available at the St. Albert Public Library or through Eventbrite.

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