More Summer Reading Game Book Reviews!

spy guyThe Adult Summer Reading Game is still going strong! Here are more of your reviews!


tumblr_ma6tqyp94g1r2j1gfo8_540The Secret History by Donna Tartt

  • I enjoyed this book.
  • I would recommend this book to a friend

Lots of detail to read before it piqued my interest. Then I could not put the book down–to learn how the characters coped with the horrible deed they committed…

i-robotI, Robot by Isaac Asimov

  • I enjoyed this book.

This book was well written and interesting. I loved that it was divided up into short stories but at the same time was all one larger picture. Funny to think that we are now living in the “future” but are not as advanced as past generations predicted.

celona28rv2Y by Marjorie Celona

  • I enjoyed this book.
  • I would recommend this book to a friend

This was a great debut novel. The style was very character-driven–similar to Jodi Picoult. I look forward to more books by this author.

the-color-purpleThe Color Purple by Alice Walker

  • I enjoyed this book.

I loved reading this book, which surprised me greatly. Normally I don’t like reading books written in vernacular, but Celie was so eloquent with her language, she was a joy to read. The contrast of Nettie’s language was always shocking, but it was beautiful to read the letters these ladies wrote to each other, so expressive of their love for each other.

the_girl_with_all_the_giftsThe Girl With All the Gifts by M.R. Carey

  • I enjoyed this book.
  • I would recommend this book to a friend

Simply written & very fast paced. Could easily be adapted to a movie or T.V. show. An interesting take on the zombie genre. Written in a way that captures the feelings of all the characters, and helps you relate to every side. Reminds me a lot of War of the Worlds.

As part of the rules of the Adult Summer Reading Game, players can write a book review in place of reading a second book.

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