YA Picks

Here are a couple of good books to enjoy and talk about with your older teenager.

Those Who Wish Me DeadThose Who Wish Me Dead
– by Michael Koryta

In this wilderness thriller, 14-year-old Jace Wilson witnesses a murder at a quarry, but escapes the killers, the notorious Blackwell Brothers. For Jace’s protection, he is given a new identity and sent to a wilderness survival camp for troubled teens. Even though Jace is off the grid, the killers are soon on his trail. The only things between Jace and the killers are survival skills instructor Ethan Serbin, his wife Allison, fire lookout Hannah Faber, and mountainous Montana landscape, burning with wildfires.

Lock InLock In – by John Scalzi

Not long from now, a new virus appears and relentlessly sweeps across the world. A small percentage of those who contract the virus get Haden’s syndrome: they become locked inside their bodies, existing in a state of consciousness, but unable to interact with their surroundings. Neural net technology allows locked in individuals to escape their unresponsive body. They can use an Integrator, a person who allows a Haden’s sufferer’s consciousness to inhabit their body, or they can inhabit a mechanical personal transport unit called a threep. Two FBI agents, Leslie Vann (a former Integrator) and Chris Shane (a threep), are new partners who are tasked with solving a very unusual mystery: Who used an Integrator’s body to commit a murder?

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