Joanne’s Mystery Picks

banquetA Banquet of Consequences by Elizabeth George

Hampered by rules and regulations, Barbara Havers hasn’t been working up to her personal potential since returning from her trip to Italy in search of her former neighbors Taymullah Azhar and his daughter Hadiyyah.  In fact, that trip has put her in hot water with DS Isabelle Ardery and she is walking a fine line between keeping her position in London and being transferred to the “boonies”.  Lynley goes to bat for her when Barbara comes across a possible murder after attending a reading by the feminist and author, Clare Abbott.  Havers is given the go-ahead to head the investigation in Cambridge but must toe the line – or else.
Meanwhile in London, Tommy is investigating a disturbing case whose tentacles reach far and wide and with time entangle themselves in the very case that Barbara is investigating.  How these two cases are linked is what begins an investigation into a family of such dysfunction that it beggars belief.
The plotting of this novel is an amazing feat of twists and turns and surprises and at 576 pages, every word is critical to getting us to its conclusion.  There’s no doubt in my mind that Elizabeth George is a master of this genre.


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