Weekend Movie Picks

With the release of Black Mass, this weekend might mark Johnny Depp’s return to good movies. Either way, you can always check out these picks from a time when Johnny could do no wrong.

Ed Wood
A stranger-than-fiction true story of the early career of Edward D. Wood, Jr., the undisputed worst movie director of all time. Wood was the auteur behind Glen or Glenda? and Plan 9 from outer space, and it is during the making of these two no-budget flicks that Wood is profiled.

What’s Eating Gilbert Grape
Gilbert Grape is devoted to taking care of his family, which includes an obese mother and a mentally impaired brother. He feels the hopelessness of his life in a rural community when a young woman breezes into town and changes everything.

Benny & Joon
A quirky loner with a knack for imitating Charlie Chaplin falls for Joon, a mentally disturbed woman cared for by her brother Benny. This title has been Repackaged.

A spoof of and homage to 1950s teen rock melodramas. Cry Baby is a rebel with a gang of rough friends. Allison is the straight-laced girl who falls for him. Loaded with never-before-seen extras.

Weekend Picks

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