Weekend Picks

This week our picks reflect the final weekend for two yearly events that are of both cultural and historic significance: Black History Month & Freedom to Read Week.


Banned in several countries for its all out attack of the senses, Argentine film director Gasper Noé’s controversial masterpiece tells the story of Alex and Marcus: a couple whose tale is unraveled in reverse-chronological order over the course of a fateful evening in a series of long takes. An emotional odyssey that unspools from gut-wrenching violence to sweetly observed moments of sublime tenderness.

Irréversible Trailer

Jean-Michel Basquiat: The Radiant Child

The Radiant Child is an intimate portrait of the artist proclaimed as the First African American Painter of Major Significance – this was just one of the many titles assigned to the artist; most of which he had no use for. Centered on a rare interview that director Tamara Davis shot with Basquiat, this definitive award winning documentary chronicles the meteoric rise and fall of the young artist.

Also, if documentary film isn’t your bag, check out the 1996 biopic Basquiat – David Bowie cast as Andy Warhol is worth a peek in itself! Basquiat Trailer

Weekend Picks

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